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Aging Safely only sells the absolute highest quality walk in bathtubs and handicap showers available on the market today.

Our bath systems are tested and certified by third party organizations such as:

(UL) Underwriters Laboratories

(UPC) Uniform Plumbing Code.

These certifications can provide extra assurance for your investment.


Industry Leading Warranties

Lifetime No Leak Door Seal Warranties come standard on our entire walk in tub line. Leading part and labor warranties.

Unparalleled Customer Service

You will never reach an automated phone system when calling Aging Safely. We strive to have a person available for you 24 hours a day.

Full Installations or Supply Only

We offer a “Worry Free” installation service in most areas across the U.S. Please call to find out if we have installations available in your area. In addition, upon request we offer a free plumber locating service for supply only purchases. This complimentary service is available in all 50 states and Canada.

Aging Safely Baths & More is committed to achieving the highest quality standards for customer service, while supplying only the absolute highest quality walk in bathtubs and bathroom safety products on the market today.

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Walk in tubs are a great way to increase functionality and enhance the safety of any bathroom. No matter how your bathroom is currently designed, you can make it safer, more convenient, and more inviting simply by installing a walk in bathtub, or even a walk in tub shower combo. They don’t necessarily cost a lot either, and you will find that most of the models featured on these pages are available at very reasonable cost.

Walk in tubs are essentially bathtubs that feature raised walls and a door, forming an enclosed space. These designs can greatly enhance the functionality and safety of the bathroom, minimizing spills and water buildup that can pose significant safety hazards. They are also ideally suited for clearly defining the bath and shower areas and setting then off from the rest of the bathroom.

A walk in bathtub can also enhance privacy in the bathroom, which is a significant benefit if the bathroom is routinely used by more than one person at a time. With a well-designed walk in tub or a walk in shower, a person can comfortably take a bath or a shower even while the rest of the bathroom is freed up for someone else.

Perhaps the most compelling reason to install a walk in tub is safety. Handicap showers and walk in tub shower combos are especially suitable for these purposes, providing a safe bath/shower area for people with reduced mobility. Walk in tubs can even be used for hydrotherapy, adding even more functionality and usefulness to your bathroom.

All walk in tubs featured here are made of the finest materials and built to the highest standards of quality and excellence. Reasonably priced and designed to last for years, these quality walk in tubs are a worthy addition to any bathroom.

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