Potential Hydrotherapy Benefits

They say that approximately 60-70% of an adult human’s body consists of water alone. We are primarily made of water! No wonder it feels so good to soak in a bath. There are many potential hydrotherapy therapeutic benefits that we encourage you to explore. It’s intriguing to know that water stores and carries, heat and energy. Maybe that is one of the reasons taking a bath or a shower can have a relaxing effect on people. Sometimes people take a hot bath to soothe aching muscles and sore joints. With hydrotherapy walk in bathtub jets, you can combine the heat with the massaging action of the jets. Step in bathtub systems can come with powerful whirlpool water jets, sometimes referred to as hydro massage jets. They can also come with warm air hydrotherapy jets to create an effervescent effect in the bathtub. Here is a great resource for hydrotherapy treatments.

Treating Conditions With Chemical Free Hydrotherapy

There are many different forms of hydrotherapy. Whirlpool style jets within a walk in tub is only one of them. Utilizing ice on an injury is also considered a form of hydrotherapy. It’s very important to consult with your doctor to make sure water jet hydrotherapy is right for you. Hydrotherapy may be able to help with joint, muscle and nerve issues, sleeping disorders, aches, arthritis, headaches and more. Other potential benefits of hydrotherapy include detoxification, loosening muscles, increasing metabolic rate and digestive activity. All of our premium handicap bathtubs can come with air hydrotherapy and or whirlpool water jet hydrotherapy.

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    Different Types Of Hydrotherapy

    There are several different types of hydrotherapy. They include showers, baths, foot baths, steam inhalation, cold compresses, hot compresses and many other techniques. An example of external hydrotherapy would be taking a bath in a soaker walk in tub or one that comes with hydrotherapy jets. The thermal effects of water are the foundation to its remarkable healing properties. Our bodies react differently based on whether the H2O is cold or hot. Now you can get your very own hydrotherapy walk in bathtub in the comfort of your own home. Can you imagine being able to take a hydrotherapy bath anytime you want? Contact an Aging Safely Senior Bath Representative today to find out if a hydrotherapy bathtub is right for you.