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We strive to provide you with the best options on leading walk in bath and handicapped shower models. We understand wanting a good value for your money. That is why we only work with reputable manufactures that have a name built on integrity and quality. There are several senior bathtub and shower models out there to choose from, yet only some of them will carry third party certifications and lifetime warranties. It’s important to find the model that works for your unique mobility and safety needs. Not to mention has the features you want for hydrotherapy and relaxation. We also carry a wide variety of walk in bath and roll in shower accessories for you to choose from.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Walk In Tub?

You may be wondering how much does it cost to install a walk in tub? While the cost of the tub or shower itself is very cut and dry, the installation costs can vary greatly depending upon the installation requirements. There are many variables to consider. Things you will want to consider are, is electrical required? How far of an electrical run is needed? Do doors need to be widened? Does the plumbing need to be reversed or can it stay on the same side? Is there any sub floor or tile work that needs to be done? Does the water heater have the ability to keep up with the walk in bathtubs water demand? Click here to get a price quote.

How Many Gallons Of Water Are In A Walk In Tub?

Aging Safely’s walk in tubs range greatly on how many gallons of water they can hold. In general walk in tubs will hold 30 gallons of water, up to over 100 gallons for larger models. It is very important to take into consideration your homes hot water heaters output capacity. Even if a walk in bath can hold 70 gallons of water, the water heater must be able to put out that same capacity of water. Please contact an Aging Safely representative today to find out water capacities of all models we carry. Take a look at our contemporary walk in tubs.

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Ada Compliant Shower

ADA Compliant Shower | 6331 – 63″ x 31″

ADA Compliant Shower Products

This 63″ x 31″ ADA compliant shower has a lot of space. You can download the product schematics below to see the shower details. Aging Safely Baths offers easy and fast ordering! Get the ADA compliant shower you want, when you want it! For some showers, we do next day shipping. Several of the ADA compliant shower stalls come with everything you need for installation. Our full packages include a fold-up chair, slider bar handheld shower wand, ADA compliant safety grab bars, reinforced walls, and a structurally sound shower pan. This shower works great for bathers in wheelchairs and those with limited mobility. Click here for a 60″ x 33″ shower wall surround.

Ada Showers

ADA Shower | 4038 – 40″ x 38″

ADA Compliant Showers You Can Count On

This compact 40″ x 38″ roll in shower can fit into most bathrooms. Aging Safely carries several ADA compliant and noncompliant shower models. Please contact one of our customer care representatives today so we can help you choose the best roll in shower model for your needs. We’re here to answer questions, provide pricing and help you find the right bathing solution. Creating a handicapped-accessible bathroom takes a little planning, but it isn’t overly difficult. An ADA shower system is probably at the top of your list. Our quality wheelchair accessible walk in showers are the perfect combination between modern and functional. They can come with several safety features such as built-in seats, safety grab bars, textured shower pans, and sliding shower wands. ADA compliant showers can be installed in a residential home, or into a nursing home, hospital or long term care facility. Some 55+ community builders are even making handicapped showers a part of their model homes.

Barrier Free Shower | 4834 – 48″ x 34″

Find A Barrier Free Shower System That’s Just Right For You.

One of the primary considerations to make, is what size barrier free shower unit do you want? It mainly depends on the personal preference and size of the bath area. A good choice is this 48” x34”x81 1/8”. It has a four-piece RealTile barrier with ½” beveled threshold. The low step in shower model makes entering the shower more manageable for those that may have a fear of falling in the bath. Walk in handicapped showers can provide a place to sit while you take a shower. The bather can use the handheld shower wand without the need for standing while taking a shower. Talk with an Aging Safely Senior Bath Representative today and they can help you go over numerous options. We want to answer all of your questions about wheelchair accessible showers and make sure you enjoy your shower unit for years to come.

Disabled Showers | Disability Shower

Disabled Showers | 6036 – 60″ x 36″

Disabled Showers For Handicapped Bathers

We understand how hard it can be to take a bath or shower with a disability. That’s why we carry the best quality disabled showers on the market today. Have confidence knowing your disability shower was made in America and has an industry-leading 30-year warranty. Bathers that have mobility challenges, or are handicapped will enjoy the variety of safety options that come with our handicap showers and handicap bathtubs. Not only are the thresholds has low as .75” tall, but many of the shower walls can have safety grab bars installed anywhere on the wall. Eliminating the need to find a stud for every grab bar installation. This can also make it easier to put the ADA compliant grab bar exactly where you need it. Get the disability shower that gives you the ability to shower more comfortably and safely.

Ella’s Bubbles Elite Walk In Tubs

Ella’s Bubbles Elite Walk In Tubs

Ella’s Bubbles Elite Massage Walk In Tubs

Talk about an amazing bathtub! The Ella’s Bubbles Elite Massage walk in tubs literally have about everything you could want in a safety bath! They come fully loaded with a 24 jet, dual hydrotherapy jetted system. Powerful whirlpool water jets and invigorating tiny massage air hydrotherapy jets! With a stainless steel tempered glass door like no other walk in bath tub on the market today! All of Ella’s walk in baths are tested before they leave the factory. We strive to offer you the absolute best senior tubs at the absolute lowest prices possible! For much less than some of the top step in tub brands, you get hydrotherapy jets, chromatherapy, temperature control and a top of the line roman faucet set with handheld shower. This model also has two 2″ drains, two overflows, and two stainless steel operated openers, instead of having one 1 ½” bath drain and a single overflow. Get Started Here!

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Ellas Bubbles Acrylic Petite Walk In Tubs

Ellas Bubbles Acrylic Petite Walk In Tubs

Ella’s Bubbles Petite Massage Walk In Tub

The Petite Massage 24 air and water jet hydrotherapy walk in tub comes fully loaded with numerous features. Not only does it have an incredible hydro massage system, but it also comes with multiple light chromatherapy mood lighting, thermostatic control valve, water foot massage, air flow control jetting, internal safety grab bar and a 360 degree swivel tray. There’s a good chance you could look forward to going home and taking a bath more often with this tub.

Ellas Bubbles Deluxe Walk In Tub

Ella’s Deluxe 24 Jet Hydro Massage Walk In Tub

Who wouldn’t want this tub in their bathroom? Not only does is look incredible, but imagine having 24 air and water hydro massage jets all over your body! The Ella’s Deluxe walk in tub could redefine going to the bathroom. It’s becoming more and more common for seniors to want an accessible bathtub. If you are going to do it, why not do it right? This fully equipped senior bath has just about everything you could want in a walk in tub and more. Ella’s Bubbles is a top quality brand you can count on and comes with industry leading manufacturer warranties.

Ellas Bubbles Microbubble Walk In Bathtub

What Are Micro Bubble Walk In Bathtub Units?

The Infusion™ MicroBubble Therapy is a relatively new and unique therapeutic massage feature to the bathtub industry. It may offer a calming experience that has many potential added benefits to your bathing experience. Infusion™ MicroBubble Therapy is a unique process of infusing pressurized water with billions of micro sized, oxygen rich bubbles. These tiny bubbles will transform your bathtub into a soothing cloud of silky smooth water that can help to moisturize, restore, soften and even exfoliate your skin. It’s available in three options: Petite, Elite, and Royal. The bubbles are incredibly small! (10-50 microns) billions of bubbles that float and reach the entire body surface.

Ellas Bubbles Royal Massage Walk In Tub

Ellas Bubbles Royal Massage Walk In Tub

Enjoy An Ella’s Royal Massage Walk In Tub Today

You can have this walk in spa in your home! Anytime you desire, you could submerge yourself into a hydrotherapy massage bath. Imagine all of those bubbles and jets massaging your body. Some people maybe call it bliss! We just think it makes sense and feels really good. Taking precautions and thinking ahead is probably something all of us could do more. We want you to enjoy life and think having an Ella’s Bubbles Royal Massage walk in tub is within your reach. Combine safety with utter enjoyment!

Ellas Bubbles Ultimate Walk In Bathtub

Ellas Bubbles Ultimate Walk In Bathtub

Ella’s Bubbles Ultimate Walk In Bath Tubs

When style and comfort is desired, you should choose a quality Ultimate walk in tub with Hydro Massage. Water massaging jets can turn a long day, into a tranquil, rejuvenating experience. The water foot massage jets are incredible and may be something you fall in love with. Bottom line, this tub looks fantastic! It has a modern contemporary look with its stainless steel, tempered glass door. It comes with a fast fill five piece roman faucet set that’s really sharp looking! The external dimensions come in at 29.75″W x 59.75″L x 38″H. It is roughly the same size as most traditional bathtub footprints.

Handicap Accessible Shower

Handicap Accessible Shower | CS6033B75B

Get A Handicap Accessible Shower System That’s Right For You

Our handicap accessible shower stalls can be customized according to your exact needs. Some of our thresholds are lower than one inch tall and can be coupled with a wheelchair ramp. These specialty handicapped showers are a great fit for people that utilize wheelchairs, but also work well for those of all ages. Senior citizens that are wanting extra peace of mind will appreciate all of the safety features that are optional. It’s nice to be able to enter a roll in shower with a sense of ease. No longer having to lift the leg high to climb over. Customizing is really easy! You have tons of options from contemporary to a fully disabled shower. You can have the shower with or without a fold up seat, or put grab bars exactly where you need them. You can even customize the color! Get the shower that you want!

Handicap Bathtub

Handicap Bathtub

Why You Should Buy A Handicap Bathtub

Just like gloves, one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to buying a handicap bathtub either. Aging Safely Baths sells top quality handicap tubs that are designed specifically with seniors and the disabled in mind. While some of our more modern contemporary walk in baths might not be the best solution for all, others will appreciate the simplistic functionality to our certified bathroom safety products for the elderly and disabled. Several of our walk in bathtubs can come without hydrotherapy jets as well. For some people a soaker tub is all they want. A place to take a nice warm bath without having to step over a tall sidewall to a bathtub. We have handicap bath options for almost all needs. Take a look at one of our traditional step in bathtubs here.