Barrier Free Shower | 4836 – 48″ x 36″

Find A Barrier Free Shower System That’s Just Right For You.

One of the primary considerations to make, is what size barrier free shower unit do you want? It mainly depends on the personal preference and size of the bath area. A good choice is this 48” x 36”x 81 1/8”. It has a four-piece RealTile barrier with ½” beveled threshold. The low step in shower model makes entering the shower more manageable for those that may have a fear of falling in the bath. Walk in handicapped showers can provide a place to sit while you take a shower. The bather can use the handheld shower wand without the need for standing while taking a shower. Talk with an Aging Safely Senior Bath Representative today and they can help you go over numerous options. We want to answer all of your questions about wheelchair accessible showers and make sure you enjoy your shower unit for years to come. Call toll free 1-888-779-2284 or click here to get a price.


Handicap Accessible Shower Stalls With Temperature Control TMV

Almost all of Aging Safely’s handicap accessible shower and bath systems can be equipped with a thermal mixing valve (TMV). These devices simply regulate the flow of hot to cold water. You can set the device to the desired temperature, thus eliminating the need for you to set the water temperature every time. This may also be a great feature for bathers that have cognitive conditions that affect their reasoning or have problems with fine motor skills. Being scalded by hot water in the bath can be a concern for many. A TMV can be another precaution to take and add extra peace of mind when it’s needed.

Barrier Free Wheelchair Access Handicapped Showers For Everyday Life

A specialty disability shower like this doesn’t have to look institutional. Our made in U.S.A. roll in showers can have custom colorization and design patterns inlaid into the surround walls. You can get creative and add designer grab bars to make it exactly how you want it. The shower seat transfer benches make getting in and out much easier for some bathers. When utilizing a transfer board, one can transfer onto the seat, or with the assistance of a caretaker. Safety is our number one concern. It is our greatest desire, that our products can help you and your loved ones enjoy bathing to its fullest.


LCS4038A12BL, LCS4038A12BR, LCS4038A12TL, LCS4038A12TR, LCS4038A15TL, LCS4038A15TR, LCS4038A1TL, LCS4038A1TR, LCS4038A25BL, LCS4038A25BR, LCS4038A25TL, LCS4038A25TR, LCS4038A2BL, LCS4038A2BR, LCS4038A2TL, LCS4038A2TR, LCS4038A5BL, LCS4038A5BR, LCS4038A5TL, LCS4038A5TR, LCS4038A75TL, LCS4038A75TR, XCS4038A15TL, XCS4038A5TDL, XCS4038A5TDR, XCS4038A5TL, XCS4038A5TR, XCS4038A75TL, XCS4038A75TR
Diamond Tile Pattern
LDS24038A75FTBL, LDS24038A75FTBR, LDS24038A75FTTL, LDS24038A75FTTR, LDS4038A12TL, LDS4038A12TR, LDS4038A15TL, LDS4038A15TR, LDS4038A2TL, LDS4038A2TR, LDS4038A5TL, LDS4038A5TR, LDS4038A75TL, LDS4038A75TR
8″x8″ Tile Pattern
LES24038A75FTBL, LES24038A75FTBR, LES24038A75FTTL, LES24038A75FTTR
Smooth Walls
LSS24038A75FTTL, LSS24038A75FTTR, LSS4038A12BL, LSS4038A12BR, LSS4038A12TDL, LSS4038A12TDR, LSS4038A12TL
LSS4038A12TR, LSS4038A15TL, LSS4038A15TR, LSS4038A1BL, LSS4038A1BR, LSS4038A1TL. LSS4038A1TR, LSS4038A2BL, LSS4038A2BR, LSS4038A2TL, LSS4038A2TR, LSS4038A5BDL, LSS4038A5BDR, LSS4038A5BL. LSS4038A5BR, LSS4038A5TDL, LSS4038A5TDR, LSS4038A5TL, LSS4038A5TR, LSS4038A5TXDL, LSS4038A5TXDR, LSS4038A75BL, LSS4038A75BR, LSS4038A75TL, LSS4038A75TR, LSS4038A87TL, LSS4038A87TR
42×38 Showers – Double Reveal
4″x4″ Textured Tile Pattern
LCS4238A12T, LCS4238A5B, LCS4238A5T, LCS4238A75T, XCS4238A2T, XCS4238A75T
Smooth Walls
LSS4238A12T, LSS4238A15T, LSS4238A1B, LSS4238A1T, LSS4238A2B, LSS4238A2T, LSS4238A5B, LSS4238A5T, LSS4238A5TD, LSS4238A75B
63×33 Showers
4″x8″ Subway Tile Pattern
LBS26333A75B, LBS26337A1FTB, LBS6333A75B
4″x4″ Textured Tile Pattern
LCS26333A11B, LCS26333A15B, LCS26333A1FTB, LCS26333A1FTT, LCS26333A2B, LCS26333A5B, LCS26333A75B, LCS26333A75T, LCS26333R1B, LCS26333R75B, LCS26337A12B, LCS26337A12T, LCS26337A15B, LCS26337A15T, LCS26337A1B, LCS26337A1FTB, LCS26337A2B, LCS26337A2FTB, LCS26337A2T, LCS26337A75B, LCS26337A75T, LCS26337W12BL, LCS26337W12BR, LCS26337W2BL, LCS26337W2BR, LCS26337W5BL, LCS26337W5BR, LCS26337W75BL
LCS26337W75BR, LCS6333A12B, LCS6333A12T, LCS6333A15T, LCS6333A1B, LCS6333A1T, LCS6333A2B, LCS6333A2T, LCS6333A75B, LCS6333A75T, LCS6333R1B, LCS6333R2B
Diamond Tile Pattern
LDS26333A12B, LDS26333A12T, LDS26333A15B, LDS26333A15T, LDS26333A1B, LDS26333A1FTB, LDS26333A1FTT, LDS26333A2B, LDS26333A2T, LDS26333A75B, LDS6333A1B, LDS6333A2T, LDS6333A75B, LDS6333A75T, LDS26337A75B, LDS6337A12B, LDS6337A2B, LDS6337A75B
8″x8″ Tile Pattern
LES26333A12FTB, LES26333A1FTB, LES26333A1FTT, LES26333A75B, LES6333A11B, LES6333A15B, LES6333A1B, LES6333A2B, LES6333A75B
Smooth Walls
LSS6333A11B, LSS6333A12B, LSS6333A12BD, LSS6333A15B, LSS6333A17B, LSS6333A1B, LSS6333A22B, LSS6333A27B, LSS6333A2BD, LSS6333A3B, LSS6333A75B, LSS6333A75BD, LSS6333A75BXD, LSS26333A1FTB, LSS26333A75B, LSS26333A75BD
63×37 Showers
8″x8″ Tile Pattern
LES26337A1FTT, LES26337A75B, LES26337W1FTTL, LES26337W1FTTR, LES6337A12B, LES6337A15B, LES6337A1B, LES6337A75B, XES6337E15BL, XES6337E1BL, XES6337E1BR, XES6337E2BL, XES6337E2BR
Smooth Walls
LSS26337A15B, LSS26337A1B, LSS26337A1FTB, LSS26337A1FTT, LSS26337A75B, LSS26337W15BL, LSS26337W15BR, LSS26337W1BL, LSS26337W1BR, LSS26337W75BL, LSS26337W75BR, LSS6337A12B, LSS6337A15B, LSS6337A17B, LSS6337A1B, LSS6337A22B, LSS6337A2B, LSS6337A75B, LSS6337R15T, LSS6337R2T, LSS6337W12BL, LSS6337W12BR, LSS6337W1BL, LSS6337W1BR, LSS6337W2BL, LSS6337W2BR, LSS6337W75BL, LSS6337W75BR, XSS26337A75B
4″x4″ Textured Tile Pattern
CS6337F12T, LCS6337A12B, LCS6337A12T, LCS6337A15T, LCS6337A1T, LCS6337A2T, LCS6337A75B, LCS6337A75T, LCS6337SL15T, LCS6337SL75T, LCS6337W1BL, LCS6337W1BR, LCS6337W75BL, LCS6337W75BR, XCS6337A15B,, XCS6337A75BD, XCS6337W75BL, XCS6337W75BR
65×33 Showers – Single Reveal
Smooth Walls
LSS6533A11BL, LSS6533A11BR, LSS6533A15BL, LSS6533A15BR, LSS6533A1BL, LSS6533A1BR, LSS6533A22BL, LSS6533A22BR, LSS6533A275BL, LSS6533A275BR, LSS6533A3BL, LSS6533A3BR
4″x4″ Textured Tile Pattern
XCS6533A12BL, XCS6533A2BR, XCS6533A5BL, XCS6533A5BR, XCS6533A75BL, XCS6533A75BR
65×37 Showers – Single Reveal
4″x4″ Textured Tile Pattern
LCS26537A1FTTL, LCS26537A1FTTR, LCS6537A12BR, LCS6537A1BL, LCS6537A1BR, LCS6537A2BL, LCS6537A2BR, LCS6537A75BL, LCS6537A75BR
Smooth Walls
LSS6537A1BL, LSS6537A1BR, LSS6537A75BL, LSS6537A75BR
67×33 Showers – Double Reveal
4″x4″ Textured Tile Pattern
XCS6733A12B, XCS6733A2B, XCS6733A75B
67×37 Showers – Double Reveal
4″x4″ Textured Tile Pattern
LCS6737A12T, LCS6737A2T, LCS6737A75T
Smooth Walls
LSS6737A12B, LSS6737A15B, LSS6737A75B
69×47 Showers
Diamond Tile Pattern
LDS6947A12B, LDS6947A15T, LDS6947A1B, LDS6947A1T, LDS6947A75B, LDS6947A75T
71×47 Showers – Single Reveal
Diamond Tile Pattern
LDS7147A12TL, LDS7147A12TR, LDS7147A17TL, LDS7147A17TR, LDS7147A1TL, LDS7147A1TR, LDS7147A75BL, LDS7147A75BR, LDS7147A75TL, LDS7147A75TR
73×47 Showers – Double Reveal
Diamond Tile Pattern
LDS7347A1T, LDS7347A2T, LDS7434A75T

Additional information



  • Product Multi Piece
  • Finish RealTile
  • Curb Height 1/2″
  • Color White (Standard stock color)
  • Threshold Beveled
  • W x D x H (Outside Dimensions) 48″x34″x81 1/8″

CAD Drawing
Spec Sheet