Handicap Showers and Walk in Tub FAQ

Walk in tub faq to make sure you have all your questions answered! If you don’t see the answer to what you’re looking for please call us toll free at 1-888-779-2284(BATH). Our friendly, compassionate representatives will be sure to exceed your expectations. Our goal is to help you make an informed decision before buying a walk in bathtub or handicap wheelchair accessible shower. Learn about USAging here.

Get Many Common Questions About Walk In Tubs And Wheelchair Showers Answered Here

If you have questions, we will do our very best to answer them for you.

Do you do full installations or sell the walk in tubs and handicap showers supply only?

Both. We do offer full installations on walk in bathtubs and handicap showers in some areas across the U.S. We also sell supply only without installation included to all of the United States and Canada.

Which is better acrylic or triple gel coat?

There’s a lot of confusing information out there on this topic. Many people want to know whether an acrylic walk in tub or gel coat walk in bathtub is better.

The reality of it is, they both have their advantages and disadvantages. We proudly sell handicap shower and walk in baths made from both materials. They come with comparable warranties and it may be hard to tell the difference between the two. Acrylic is going to be less porous, and have a little more of a sheen to it and be easier to clean. Both types of tubs can be repaired however chips in gel coat are typically easier to fix. We stand behind our acrylic and gel coat products and know you will be happy no matter which material you choose.

Is a licensed plumber or electrician required for installation?

Yes a fully licensed plumber and electrician is required for installation. Walk in bathtubs without jetting or other accessories will not require any electrical work.

Do you have certified licensed plumbers who are fully insured?

Our installation crews are fully licensed and insured certified plumbers. We perform quality control audits on every single installation we do to ensure your total satisfaction.

Do you offer made in U.S.A walk in tubs or foreign?

Both. We offer several leading import walk in bathtub brands as well as numerous domestically made handicap tubs and showers. All of our walk in tub brands must past rigorous third party certification tests for quality assurance.

What guarantees are offered to protect against leaking?

A Lifetime Door Seal, no leak warranty is our minimum standard. If the door seal ever fails for the life of the tub, the part is fully replaced. Depending upon installation method, labor may or may not be covered. See full manufacturer warranties here.

What are Warm Air Hydrotherapy jets versus whirlpool type water jets?

Warm air hydrotherapy is unique from a water jetted system in a few ways. Water jets force water through a rotating jet. For some people this can be too aggressive and even potentially cause bruising. A somewhat gentler approach is warm air hydrotherapy jets, which do not circulate any water. Advantages to air jets can be they are typically more hygienic since bathwater does not cycle underneath the tub. Also the air ports are dampened making it a gentler massage when enjoying air jets. Many of the tubs we offer have multiple speeds to the air jets and whirlpool jets. Click here to see a hydrotherapy step in tub.

How long does the installation take?

Typically the installation is only a 1 – 2 day process depending upon the scope of work involved.

Where can a walk in bathtub be installed?

Walk in bathtubs easily be installed into most bathrooms. We offer numerous size walk in bath tubs to fit your specific need. Walk in bathtubs can be installed in new construction or retrofit and new construction residential applications.

Will a Doctor write a prescription for a walk in bathtub?

In many cases they will, however it depends on many variables. Schedule an appointment with your family doctor to see if a hydrotherapy walk in bathtub is right for you.

Do your walk in bathtubs have heated seats?

Yes several of our walk in tub models come standard with heated seats.

What is Chromatherapy?

Chromatherapy is the use of lights to positively affect mood. There have been numerous studies that link color to having the ability to affect moods and perception of wellbeing. Colored lighting is below the water and you can choose from a wide array of colors to add tranquility to your bathing experience.

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is adding essential oils to the bathwater, such as lavender, eucalyptus and so on. Several of the walk in baths we offer have an aromatherapy option where the bathtub is equipped with a port to add oils.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes we offer totally free shipping on all of our walk in tubs and handicap shower stalls to anywhere within the continental U.S. We ship to residential homes with a lift gate or commercial locations.