Handicap Showers And Wheelchair Accessible Handicap Shower Stall Options

Handicap showers

Handicap showers

If you want the highest quality handicap showers, you’ve come to the right place. We take a lot of pride in offering low threshold handicap shower stalls that are of the finest workmanship. Several of our most popular handicap shower models are made right here in the U.S.A.!

You get industry leading warranties and options that can’t be beat. Choose from almost unlimited design possibilities, as well as functionality and features. Learn about our ADA compliant shower options.

Not all walk in showers are right for everybody. That is why we like to give you lots of options so you can find the low threshold shower or walk in tub that’s right for your unique needs and requirements. All of our barrier free and step in handicap shower options can be customized according to your needs.

You can buy just a shower pan, shower walls or purchase a full package with a built in seat, safety grab bars, valves, handheld shower wand, curtain and more. Or would you prefer to soak? Click here to learn about modern walk in tub models.

Call toll free to get a quick price quote. 1-888-779-2284(BATH) or click here and we’ll reach out to you in a jiffy.  Check out these Independent living home modifications resources.

Handicap Shower Stalls For Your Unique Needs!

What type of handicap shower stall are you looking for? We offer a variety of ADA compliant showers and non-compliant handicapped showers. Some of our large walk in shower products are a great choice for bathers that want a lot of space or are in a wheelchair. Several models we carry have thresholds lower than 1” tall and can come with a wheelchair access ramp as well.

The benches can be used to transfer directly onto from a wheelchair, or a shower stool. Accessible showers are a great investment for senior citizens or anybody who would like a shower that’s open and offers a variety of safety options. Learn about handicap shower warranties here.

Handicap Shower

Wheelchair Accessible Handicap Showers

You want a handicapped shower you can count on, one that will last a really long time. You don’t want to worry about this project again in a few years. You want to do it right the first time by choosing a handicap shower that is of the best quality. Several of Aging Safely’s premium low threshold disability shower systems are made right here in the U.S.A and come standard with thirty year manufacturer warranties against any type of manufacturer defect. If you’re not sure a wheelchair accessible shower is right for you and would prefer to soak, check out these premium hydrotherapy walk in tubs.

The highest quality standards can ultimately save you time and money. Many of our units come standard with reinforced shower walls that give the shower more structural integrity. Safety grab bars can be installed directly to the shower surround without requiring it to be stud mounted.

Handicap Shower Installed in Only a Day!

Additionally, labor can be a breeze with our specialty shower pans that don’t even require to be mud set or wet set. This alone can save time and money on materials. Our wheelchair accessible showers are perfect for people that want extra peace of mind when showering, and like all the safety features a handicapped shower offers.

Don’t worry about it with ADA compliant safety grab bars, built in seats, handheld shower wands and thermal mixing valves to control the water temperature.

Falls are a leading cause for injury among the elderly. Contact an Aging Safely Senior bath representative today to see if a handicap walk in shower is right for you. Watch this video on some great ideas for creating a fall prevention plan.

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Check Out Some of Our Products

ADA compliant shower image

ADA Compliant Shower | 6331 – 63″ x 31″

ADA Compliant Shower Products

This 63″ x 31″ ADA compliant shower has a lot of space. You can download the product schematics below to see the shower details. Aging Safely Baths offers easy and fast ordering! Get the ADA compliant shower you want, when you want it! For some showers, we do next day shipping. Several of the ADA compliant shower stalls come with everything you need for installation. Our full packages include a fold-up chair, slider bar handheld shower wand, ADA compliant safety grab bars, reinforced walls, and a structurally sound shower pan. This shower works great for bathers in wheelchairs and those with limited mobility. Click here for a 60″ x 33″ shower wall surround.

ADA shower imageADA shower image

ADA Shower | 4038 – 40″ x 38″

ADA Compliant Showers You Can Count On

This compact 40″ x 38″ roll in shower can fit into most bathrooms. Aging Safely carries several ADA compliant and non-compliant shower models. Please contact one of our customer care representatives today so we can help you choose the best roll in shower model for your needs. We’re here to answer questions, provide pricing and help you find the right bathing solution. Creating a handicapped-accessible bathroom takes a little planning, but it isn’t overly difficult. An ADA shower system is probably at the top of your list. Our quality wheelchair accessible walk in showers are the perfect combination between modern and functional. They can come with several safety features such as built-in seats, safety grab bars, textured shower pans, and sliding shower wands. ADA compliant showers can be installed in a residential home, or a nursing home, hospital or long term care facility. Some 55+ community builders are even making handicapped showers a part of their model homes. Have a question? Click here and a representative will be in touch quickly to answer all your questions.

barrier free shower imagebarrier free shower image

Barrier Free Shower | 4836 – 48″ x 36″

Find A Barrier Free Shower System That’s Just Right For You.

One of the primary considerations to make, is what size barrier free shower unit do you want? It mainly depends on the personal preference and size of the bath area. A good choice is this 48” x 36”x 81 1/8”. It has a four-piece RealTile barrier with ½” beveled threshold. The low step in shower model makes entering the shower more manageable for those that may have a fear of falling in the bath. Walk in handicapped showers can provide a place to sit while you take a shower. The bather can use the handheld shower wand without the need for standing while taking a shower. Talk with an Aging Safely Senior Bath Representative today and they can help you go over numerous options. We want to answer all of your questions about wheelchair accessible showers and make sure you enjoy your shower unit for years to come. Call toll free 1-888-779-2284 or click here to get a price.

disabled showers image

Disabled Showers | 6036 – 60″ x 36″

Disabled Showers For Handicapped Bathers

We understand how hard it can be to take a bath or shower with a disability. That’s why we carry the best quality disabled showers on the market today. Have confidence knowing your disability shower was made in America and has an industry-leading 30-year warranty. Bathers that have mobility challenges, or are handicapped will enjoy the variety of safety options that come with our handicap showers and handicap bathtubs. Not only are the thresholds has low as .75” tall, but many of the shower walls can have safety grab bars installed anywhere on the wall. Eliminating the need to find a stud for every grab bar installation. This can also make it easier to put the ADA compliant grab bar exactly where you need it. Get the disability shower that gives you the ability to shower more comfortably and safely. Get an instant price quote here or call toll free 1-888-779-BATH(2284).

handicap accessible shower image6333 non ada compliant roll in shower image

Handicap Accessible Shower | 60″ x 33″

Get A Handicap Accessible Shower System That’s Right For You

Our handicap accessible shower stalls can be customized according to your exact needs. Some of our thresholds are lower than one inch tall and can be coupled with a wheelchair ramp. These specialty handicapped showers are a great fit for people that utilize wheelchairs, but also work well for those of all ages. Senior citizens that are wanting extra peace of mind will appreciate all of the safety features that are optional. It’s nice to be able to enter a roll in shower with a sense of ease. No longer having to lift the leg high to climb over. Customizing is really easy! You have tons of options from contemporary to a fully disabled shower. You can have the shower with or without a  padded fold up seat, and put grab bars exactly where you need them. You can even customize the color! Get the shower that you want! Click here to watch a video on Best Bath engineered wall systems. Call toll free 1-888-779-BATH(2284) or click here for an instant price quote.

Handicap Shower image

Handicap Shower | 4834 – 48″ x 34″

 Handicap Shower Systems With Wheelchair Accessibility – Extra Large And Small

| 4LDS4834B5B

Whether you are looking to find an extra large spacious handicap shower stall or one that is smaller, Aging Safely has the options you want. We have showers with thresholds as low as .75” tall and wheelchair ramps to help make the entrance a smoother transition for the bather. Equipped with ADA compliant grab bars, our wheelchair accessible handicapped showers offer a full spectrum of safety features. Not only is there a low step-in height, but you can also choose to get a thermal mixing valve, which can help regulate the incoming water temperature. This can make it easy to set the water to a comfortable temperature. Then the bather or caretaker doesn’t have to set the water temperature before every use. They also come with fold-up transfer benches that provide an easier way to sit down and transfer in and out. Additionally, our industry-leading roll in shower systems come standard with a 30-year limited lifetime warranty against any manufacturer defects. We want you to get the handicap shower that’s right got you. Please contact a representative today.

Shower Tub Combo

Shower Tub Combo | 4APDTS6034

Shower Tub Combo Packages

We want you to experience the perfect combination between functionality and style. Our shower tub combo units are made with care right here in the U.S.A. They come with several safety features and make it easy to utilize it how you want, when you want. Walk in bathtubs aren’t always a great fit for everybody, that’s why Aging Safely is committed to offering a variety of the top brands and styles. All at a price that’s affordable.

Roll in Shower

Roll In Shower | 6030 – 60″ x 30″

Roll In Shower Stalls

We all want to feel safe when taking a shower or bath. Our top-quality roll in shower systems come specifically designed for the elderly and disabled. Bathers that have difficulty walking around or going up and down stairs will appreciate the simplicity of our walk-in showers. They come with a designed-in transfer bench which makes it possible for the bather to sit while they enjoy a nice shower. Our units can come with a handheld shower wand to make reaching the difficult places much easier. Our Best Bath Systems step in showers are made right here in the U.S.A. You can trust their years of expertise and leading the handicap accessibility bathing market. Get a roll in shower that is just your style. You can have the color and tile designed customized to your preferences. Roll-in showers don’t have to be ordinary and plain. Best Bath showers can match your decor and style. Low threshold showers are becoming more popular these days for seniors who are choosing to age in place versus going the route of assisted living. Some people just prefer to stay in their homes despite the obvious challenges. Fortunately, there are home modifications you can make to make your home more aging in place friendly. Installing grab bars and a low threshold bathing appliance is a great step in making your home more accessible. No one expects to have a fall. A little planning can go a long way. it’s best to take precautions than wish you had. Please contact an Aging Safely representative today for a no-obligation consultation. Take a look at our full line of premium quality handicap showers.

walk in showers image

Walk In Showers | Elite Satin 60″ x 33″

Walk In Showers For All Ages

The Ella Elite Satin 60 x 33, (5 Piece) Walk in shower features premium marine grade gel coat fiberglass which creates a smooth, beautiful, long lasting, anti-slip shower surface. Ella’s Elite Satin Roll in Showers also known as Barrier Free Showers, are constructed using plywood and steel reinforced walls providing flexibility for seat and grab bar custom installation. The integral self-locking aluminum Pin and Slot System connects shower walls and the pre-leveled shower base to allow for easy front side installation. Once the multi piece unit is assembled the precision fit seams become grout lines which can be nicely finished with caulk. Walk in showers can be a great way to add style and functionality to any bathroom. The threshold heights range from .75″ to 7″ shower curb. We can help you figure out what’s right for you. Call 1-888-779-2284(BATH) for an instant price quote.

walk in shower with seat image

Walk In Shower With Seat | Deluxe 60″ x 30″

Walk In Shower With Seat

The Ella Deluxe 60 x 30, (5 Piece) walk in shower with seat comes standard with a textured slip resistant Grip Sure floor, a collapsible white rubber dam which allows for easy wheelchair roll over into the shower stall and keeps water inside the shower, a choice of drain position (right, left or center), color selection (white, bone or biscuit), 2″ chrome shower floor drain with friction seal, and Ella Elite White Accessories Package. Integrated 3 molded soap ledges on the back panel are an option to be specified on the purchase order. Walk in showers don’t need to be basic. You can customize yours exactly how you want. You can even integrate tile to get the exact look you want. Call toll free 1-888-779-2284(BATH) to get an instant price quote or click here.

Deluxe 60″ x 33″

The Ella Deluxe 60 x 33, (5 Piece) Roll In Shower…

comes standard with a textured slip resistant Grip Sure floor, a collapsible white rubber dam which allows for easy wheelchair roll over into the shower stall and keeps water inside the shower, a choice of drain position (right, left or center), color selection (white, bone or biscuit), 2? chrome shower floor drain with friction seal, and Ella Elite White Accessories Package. Integrated 3 molded soap ledges on the back panel are an option to be specified on the purchase order.

Ella Deluxe Roll In Shower Accessories Package includes beautiful Italian designed Ponte Giulio modern stainless steel soap holder, ergonomic hand shower slider and matching white vinyl coated shower rod with Kartri heavy weight shower curtain. Brushed stainless steel curtain rod, stainless steel straight grab bars 24″ and two 36″ and a four legged fold-up seat.

Deluxe 60″ x 36″

The Ella Deluxe 60 x 36, (5 Piece) Barrier Free Shower…

comes standard with a textured slip resistant Grip Sure floor, a collapsible white rubber dam which allows for easy wheelchair roll over into the shower stall and keeps water inside the shower, a choice of drain position (right, left or center), color selection (white, bone or biscuit), 2? chrome shower floor drain with friction seal, and Ella Elite White Accessories Package. Integrated 3 molded soap ledges on the back panel are an option to be specified on the purchase order.

Ella Deluxe Roll In Shower Accessories Package includes beautiful Italian designed Ponte Giulio modern stainless steel soap holder, ergonomic hand shower slider and matching white vinyl coated shower rod with Kartri heavy weight shower curtain. Brushed stainless steel curtain rod, stainless steel straight grab bars 24″ and two 36″ and a four legged fold-up seat.

Handicap Showers Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Make My Shower Handicap Accessible?

This is a tricky question and there are many variables. In general, you want enough space for a wheelchair or walker to be free from obstructions. It’s important to have safety grab bars throughout the bathroom, especially in higher risk areas such as the shower or bathtub, but also by toilets, sinks or anywhere that makes maneuvering easier and safer.

There’s no perfectly safe solution, but by adding grab bars, handicapped showers, walk-in tubs, and non-slippery flooring you can minimize your risk of having a fall. In this day in age, it may make sense to have some type of alert system available in the bathroom as well just in case. Here’s an interesting article on building your own handicap shower or click here to view our quick-install multi-piece handicap showers that have the walls and pan already reinforced for fast efficient installations. 

What Size Is a Handicap Shower?

Handicap shower systems come in many different sizes. You’ll typically want to size the roll-in shower based on what’s best for the bather. Some bathers who are in a wheelchair or use a walker may want a larger 60” x 42” shower, but this size handicap shower stall won’t fit in all bathrooms. Sometimes homeowners may be able to expand the bathroom size to fit a larger low threshold shower in it. Since these are multi-piece showers, getting them in the doorway isn’t a problem, but you’ll need the space in the wet area for whatever size shower you order.

You’ll need to check with your specific jurisdiction about the official ADA shower size. American Disabilities Act (ADA) indicates it must have clear inside dimensions. There are two styles that are acceptable by these standards, 3636 transfer showers and 6036 roll-in showers. Please remember this can vary depending on your jurisdiction.

What are ADA-Compliant Showers?

ADA sets standards for ADA-compliant showers. An ADA compliant shower may be required for commercial installations depending upon your specific jurisdiction. Aging Safely Baths offers several ADA-compliant handicapped showers as well as non-compliant.  No matter which type of barrier-free shower you need, Aging Safely has one of the largest selections of roll-in showers available for large or small bathrooms.

How Do You Build a Handicap Walk-in Shower?

If you’re handy, you could get all the raw materials you need to construct your own handicap shower once you’ve done the demo. This can take a long time unless you have done it many times before. The easier approach may be to purchase a multi-piece shower from Aging Safely Baths. The typical install time is only 1-2 days. The walls are already reinforced so you can stud mount them. The pan doesn’t need to be mud set, as it comes ready to go right from the factory. Typically, having a place to sit, a low threshold for entry, a textured pan, and several safety grab bars for extra stability are the most important parts of a good handicap shower.

What Is a Barrier-Free Shower Base?

A barrier-free shower base doesn’t have a curb on it like a traditional walk-in shower. Some showers have curbs as high as 4”-6”, whereas a barrier-free shower will have a 1” or lower threshold. Aging Safely Showers have low thresholds down to only .5” and can even have a wheelchair ramp installed if needed. Trench-drain showers offer a low threshold height without the need for a water stopper. An Aging Safely Baths representative can help you choose the tight threshold height for your specific needs.

How Can I Make My Bathroom More Senior-Friendly?

There are several things you can do to help make your bathroom more senior-friendly. You can add a high-profile toilet, ADA compliant safety grab bars, ceiling-to-floor grab bar, low threshold wheelchair accessible shower, walk-in tub with hydrotherapy, good lighting, as well as remove obstacles or loose rugs and do a personal safety analysis to see what modifications you should make that work best for your safety needs, wants and lifestyle.

How Do Handicap Showers Work?

Handicap showers are typically designed for those with disabilities and the elderly. The best handicap shower systems are solid. You don’t want a flimsy shower wall or pan. Invest in something that will last a long time. All Aging Safely’s low-profile shower systems come with an industry-leading 30-year manufacturer warranty. It’s also vital to have enough space to bathe in a handicapped shower.

If the bather is in a wheelchair, you will want more space for them to maneuver or transfer in. Other than that, these specialty showers will typically have safety grab bars located in areas that help the bather remain stable. Whether you need an extra-large roll-in shower or a small one, make sure the seating and transfer bench work well for your needs in addition to safety grab bars.

What Is a Good Size for a Handicap Bathroom?

This can vary greatly depending on the specific application. For commercial projects, you may have to follow ADA guidelines. For residential homes, it really depends on what is best for the bather. But it’s always a good idea to check with your local jurisdiction. Bathers that have a wheelchair or walker may want a wider door going into the bathroom, but also require a larger shower. You will want to take into consideration their body size, mobility restrictions and if they will have assistance. All these variables may play a role in choosing the best size handicap bathroom for your needs. Sometimes expanding the bathroom isn’t an option so you’ll need to design around that.

Handicap Walk-in Shower Ideas.

There are many colors and styles you can add to your handicap shower. Aging Safely Baths offers numerous options with colors, patterns, and even real tile backsplash integration. One thing you will want to consider though is maintenance. Many of our low threshold showers have tile designs but you don’t need to worry about sealing grout every 6 months. They are low maintenance by design, but you can still integrate real tile decorative backsplash, unique colors, shelves, and colored patterns in the walls. Handicap showers don’t need to look intuitional; they can match your style and tastes while addressing your safety concerns.

Is a Curbless Shower a Good Idea?

A curbless shower is a great idea! Especially if you’re a senior aging in place or have mobility concerns in your shower or bathtub. The curbless showers can lower the threshold for the shower entry. Some bathers have a hard time lifting their feet even a few inches. Barrier-free showers can be the perfect solution for many bathers who have limited mobility, are in a wheelchair, or for those who simply want less of a step-in for safety purposes.

How Much Does it Cost to Do a Curbless Shower?

Price ranges can really vary for curbless handicap shower systems. We just need to find out what specific size you need and what accessory options you want. Quoting is really fast! We even offer next-day drop shipping on certain barrier-free showers. You can buy direct from Aging Safely Baths and DIY or have it professionally installed.

Call toll-free at 1-888-779-BATH(2284) for a free no-obligation quote.