Handicap Accessible Shower | 60″ x 33″

Get A Handicap Accessible Shower System That’s Right For You

Our handicap accessible shower stalls can be customized according to your exact needs. Some of our thresholds are lower than one inch tall and can be coupled with a wheelchair ramp. These specialty handicapped showers are a great fit for people that utilize wheelchairs, but also work well for those of all ages. Senior citizens that are wanting extra peace of mind will appreciate all of the safety features that are optional. It’s nice to be able to enter a roll in shower with a sense of ease. No longer having to lift the leg high to climb over. Customizing is really easy! You have tons of options from contemporary to a fully disabled shower. You can have the shower with or without a  padded fold up seat, and put grab bars exactly where you need them. You can even customize the color! Get the shower that you want! Click here to watch a video on Best Bath engineered wall systems. Call toll free 1-888-779-BATH(2284) or click here for an instant price quote.


Handicap Accessible Shower with Multiple Design Options

You have a lot of choices when it comes to handicap accessible shower stalls! We can help you find the right handicap shower or walk in tub that’s best for you! You deserve accessible bathing products come with a modern look as well! You’ll be pleased with how easily our beautiful walk in showers go with your décor. Furthermore, our handicap showers are handcrafted in the U.S.A. with a lot of pride.

Handicap Walk in Shower Options

What’s more, we’re dedicated to having the highest quality standards in the handicap bathing industry. We carry numerous design options available. Further, you can inlay different tile patterns into the wall surround as a back splash and make your shower exactly how you want it. With custom color and design patterns, customizing this shower to match your homes décor is easy!

Handicap Accessible Shower With Textured Floor

In fact, the bathroom is one of the more dangerous rooms in the home. Having a handicap accessible shower pan that has a texture to it is crucial. All of our shower pans are designed with your utmost safety in mind. Furthermore, slipping on a shower is a major liability, especially for bathers with limited mobility. In spite of the fact that there’s no such thing as a perfectly safe shower, having a textured floor can potentially help minimize the risk. Consequently not having this feature can be a problem.

Accessible Showers Designed For Wheelchair Access

Since not all accessible showers are designed for wheelchairs, it’s important to choose the right model. First, it’s essential to have a low threshold so the wheelchair can easily roll into the shower. Second, the shower needs to be big enough to comfortably fit the wheelchair and the bather. In addition, some wheelchairs are designed to be used in a shower. Picking the right shower for your specific needs is really important.

Handicap Accessible Shower Pan That’s Easier to Install

Finally, some handicap shower pan models are hollow and flimsy. This potentially requires it to be mud set when installing therefor raising installation costs also. Aging Safely Baths sells top quality handicap shower pans that come ready to be installed directly from the factory.

We don’t sell any cheap, flimsy handicap shower pans. There’s no need to wet set or mud set when installing our handicap shower stalls.

handicap shower stalls image

handicap shower stalls image

ADA Compliant and Non-Compliant Wheelchair Accessible Roll In Showers

Whether you need ADA compliant showers or non-compliant roll in showers, we have you covered. Further, we want to give you several choices from the top name brands. Our ADA roll in showers are a great fit for residential and commercial applications.

Likewise the non-compliant models work great in areas that ADA compliance isn’t required. Learn more about ADA compliance here. Equally important, our handicap showers come with 30 year manufacturer warranties against any kind of manufacturer defects. They are designed to last and hold up to the wear of wheelchairs for many years. Additionally, having plywood reinforced walls helps with structural integrity.

Walk in Showers For Disabled Person and the Elderly

In conclusion, you can count on our showers to perform when you need them. Nevertheless, Disabled showers can make life easier for bathers that have mobility challenges and need a low threshold shower pan. Contact an Aging Safely Baths Representative today by calling toll free 1-888-779-2284(BATH). We want to help you select the handicapped shower stall that’s right for you. Click here for handicap accessible shower design ideas.


LCS3838B12B, LCS3838B2B, LCS3838B2T, LCS3838B5B, LCS3838B5T, LCS3838B5TD
Smooth Walls
LSS3838B12B, LSS3838B15T, LSS3838B25T, LSS3838B2B, LSS3838B2T, LSS3838B5B, LSS3838B5T

42×42 Neo Angle Showers
Smooth Walls

42×36 Showers
4″x4″ Textured Tile Pattern
46×52 Showers

Diamond Tile Pattern
LDS4652B75BL, LDS4652B75BR
48×34 Showers

4″x4″ Textured Tile Pattern
CSS4834B12BL, CSS4834B12BR, CSS4834B22BL, CSS4834B22BR, CSS4834B2BL, CSS4834B2BR
48×36 Showers

Diamond Tile Pattern
LDS4836B12T, LDS4836B5T

Smooth Walls
LSS4836B12B, LSS4836B12T, LSS4836B15T, LSS4836B1T, LSS4836B25T, LSS4836B2B, LSS4836B2T,
LSS4836B5T, LSS4836B75B, LSS4836F2T
48×38 Showers

4″x4″ Textured Tile Pattern
LCS4838B1B, LCS4838B1T, LCS4838B2B, LCS4838B2T, LCS4838B5B, LCS4838B5T, LCS4838B75T
8″x8″ Tile Pattern
50×38 Showers – Single Reveal

4″x4″ Textured Tile Pattern
LCS5038B12TL, LCS5038B12TR, LCS5038B15BL, LCS5038B15TL, LCS5038B15TR, LCS5038B17TL, LCS5038B17TR, LCS5038B1TL, LCS5038B1TR, LCS5038B27BL, LCS5038B27BR, LCS5038B5BL, LCS5038B5TL, LCS5038B5TR, LCS5038B75TL, LCS5038B75TR

Diamond Tile Pattern

8″x8″ Tile Pattern
LES25038B75FTBL, LES25038B75FTBR

51×51 Showers
4″x4″ Textured Tile Pattern
LCS5151B1B, LCS5151B2B, LCS5151B5B

60×30 Showers
4″x4″ Textured Tile Pattern
LCS6030B15B, LCS6030B1B, LCS6030B75B, 60×32 Showers

Diamond Tile Pattern
LDS6032E15BL, LDS6032E15BR, LDS6032E1BL, LDS6032E1BR, LDS6032E2BL, LDS6032E2BR

60×33 Showers
4″x4″ Textured Tile Pattern
CS6033B12B, CS6033B15B, CS6033B1B, CS6033B22B, CS6033B2B, CS6033B75B

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