ADA Shower | 4038 – 40″ x 38″

ADA Compliant Showers You Can Count On

This compact 40″ x 38″ roll in shower can fit into most bathrooms. Aging Safely carries several ADA compliant and non-compliant shower models. Please contact one of our customer care representatives today so we can help you choose the best roll in shower model for your needs. We’re here to answer questions, provide pricing and help you find the right bathing solution. Creating a handicapped-accessible bathroom takes a little planning, but it isn’t overly difficult. An ADA shower system is probably at the top of your list. Our quality wheelchair accessible walk in showers are the perfect combination between modern and functional. They can come with several safety features such as built-in seats, safety grab bars, textured shower pans, and sliding shower wands. ADA compliant showers can be installed in a residential home, or a nursing home, hospital or long term care facility. Some 55+ community builders are even making handicapped showers a part of their model homes. Have a question? Click here and a representative will be in touch quickly to answer all your questions.


An ADA Shower Can Provide Peace Of Mind

There’s nothing more valuable than life! It is an incredible blessing to be able and open our eyes and breathe! We want to make smart decisions and try to plan for the future as much as possible. When planning the retirement years, one may want to consider bathroom safety in their own home. Buying an ADA shower that’s just right for you has never been so easy. We offer a variety of sizes and configuration options to choose from. You can even customize color and designs on any of our quality ADA shower systems. These ADA compliant showers come with ADA compliant safety grab bars as well. Having peace of mind and independence when it comes to bathing, is truly priceless. Watch this great video on one day walk in shower installations. Made in U.S.A. ADA showers designed to last a lifetime. Call toll free 1-888-779-BATH(2284) or click here for an instant quote.

Top Quality Wheelchair Accessible ADA Compliant Handicap Shower Systems

Best Bath Systems has a long standing tradition of manufacturing the highest quality handicap showers and bathtubs. Our disability showers are made to last and have third party certifications for quality testing and standards. You can install an ADA compliant shower in your home or business. Invest in quality, invest in yourself. Feeling a sense of security and independence when bathing is truly something.

Additional information



  • Product: Multi Piece
  • Finish: Smooth
  • Curb Height: 5/8″
  • Threshold Type: Beveled
  • W x D x H (Outside Dimensions): 40″x38″x80 1/8″
  • Code Compliance: ADA/ANSI A, ANSI B

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Spec Sheet