Disabled Showers | 6036 – 60″ x 36″

Disabled Showers For Handicapped Bathers

We understand how hard it can be to take a bath or shower with a disability. That’s why we carry the best quality disabled showers on the market today. Have confidence knowing your disability shower was made in America and has an industry-leading 30-year warranty. Bathers that have mobility challenges, or are handicapped will enjoy the variety of safety options that come with our handicap showers and handicap bathtubs. Not only are the thresholds has low as .75” tall, but many of the shower walls can have safety grab bars installed anywhere on the wall. Eliminating the need to find a stud for every grab bar installation. This can also make it easier to put the ADA compliant grab bar exactly where you need it. Get the disability shower that gives you the ability to shower more comfortably and safely. Get an instant price quote here or call toll free 1-888-779-BATH(2284).


Large And Small Disabled Showers and Wheelchair Accessible Handicap Showers | 

Not all wheelchair accessible disabled showers are the same size. We offer a variety of showers that work great for disabled people. Bathers with disabilities can choose from larger models like the 60” x 36” listed on this page or smaller models like the 48” x 34”. Sometimes the existing bathroom or even personal preferences help determine which size is right for your needs. In addition, in some cases a decent amount of construction is required to make a bathroom larger if it doesn’t have the square footage for a larger walk in shower.

Further, you should consider overall accessibility. Is there enough room for your needs? Do you need it to be large enough for a wheelchair? Does it fit into your existing bathroom? These are important questions to ask when determining which handicap shower is right for you. Click here to watch a great video on customizing colors for your walk in or roll in shower.

Disabled Showers For Your Specific Needs

disabled showers imageAging Safely Baths offers disabled showers you can customize for your unique needs. Since you can customize our handicap accessible showers you can put the seat, grab bars and shower wands exactly where you need them. This is essential for bathers who have mobility issues and need grab bars in specific places. Check out several ADA compliant shower stalls here. We proudly carry top quality handicap shower systems made in the U.S.A. by Best Bath.

Showers For Disabled People

Some showers simply don’t work well or disabled people. It’s best to buy showers for disabled people so you get the features and functionality you need. Having a low threshold shower pan or a seat that can be permanently attached may be a big advantage for some. In addition a special needs shower will typically have a low threshold shower pan versus a pan with a curb. Being able to roll into the shower or have a minimal step in height is vital for bathers in a wheelchair or with limited mobility. Finding the right walk in shower for disabled person is vital; compared to a traditional curbed shower.

Low Maintenance Handicap Shower For Disabled Person And Elderly

You want something easy to maintain and we get that! Cleaning and maintenance is really easy! Since there’s no grout lines on most models, you wont have to worry about sealing and cleaning grout. You can have a tile look without the headache.

In addition, the handheld shower wand makes it simple to rinse down the shower immediately after use. This will minimize build up on the shower pan and walls. If you rinse off the shower after every use, you won’t have to clean it nearly as often. You never want to use any bleach-based cleaners or anything that is abrasive and can scratch the surface. Our showers for the disabled come ready to be installed and can be maintained relatively easily. Bathers that have disabilities will appreciate the ease of use, but also the low maintenance design.

Low Threshold Shower Pans For Wheelchair Accessibility

Moreover, many of Aging Safely Baths showers are designed for wheelchair accessibility. Bathers have the option to roll right into the shower making it easier to enter. Several of our handicap accessible shower stalls have shower pan threshold heights as low as a half in tall. Also, you can get these in a beveled style or traditional. Call Toll Free for a free, no obligation price quote at 1-888-779-2284(BATH). Our no pressure customer service representatives will help guide you and give you a price quote. We can ship walk in tubs and handicap shower systems directly to you anywhere in the U.S. or Canada.

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