Handicap Shower | 4834 – 48″ x 34″

 Handicap Shower Systems With Wheelchair Accessibility – Extra Large And Small

| 4LDS4834B5B

Whether you are looking to find an extra large spacious handicap shower stall or one that is smaller, Aging Safely has the options you want. We have showers with thresholds as low as .75” tall and wheelchair ramps to help make the entrance a smoother transition for the bather. Equipped with ADA compliant grab bars, our wheelchair accessible handicapped showers offer a full spectrum of safety features. Not only is there a low step-in height, but you can also choose to get a thermal mixing valve, which can help regulate the incoming water temperature. This can make it easy to set the water to a comfortable temperature. Then the bather or caretaker doesn’t have to set the water temperature before every use. They also come with fold-up transfer benches that provide an easier way to sit down and transfer in and out. Additionally, our industry-leading roll in shower systems come standard with a 30-year limited lifetime warranty against any manufacturer defects. We want you to get the handicap shower that’s right got you. Please contact a representative today.


Handicap Shower With Textured Flooring

A handicap shower may be the right solution for you! The dangers of a slippery floor aren’t only limited to a bathroom; however the bath area is definitely a place where slips occur. Further, a textured floor isn’t going to provide absolute assurance a fall won’t happen, it’s certainly a nice feature. Aging Safely Baths would like you to have all of the resources available to help keep you safe. Moreover, our textured floors are designed with the mobility challenged in mind and can provide a little extra grip for the feet when bathing.

handicap shower stall image

handicap shower stall image

Handicap Showers With Internal Grab Bars

Additionally, the grab bars are another important variable. They can help a bather maintain balance transitioning in and out of the handicap shower stall. Also, you can choose a shower caretaker curtain if the bather needs assistance. This is a great accessory option for residential homes and commercial applications like a nursing home or long-term care.

Handicap Shower Stalls Made in the U.S.A.

Furthermore, most of the handicap shower systems we offer are made in the U.S.A. This is important to many people. We think it’s vital to support local companies. Lastly, not only do you support the local economy, but you will have confidence knowing your handicap shower was built with pride in the United States.

What is The Best Handicapped Shower For a Person?

While this answer isn’t always easy, having a roll in shower pan, fold up seat and safety grab bars are among the most important features. Further, a low threshold shower pan is important, especially for bathers in a wheelchair. You’ll also want a handicap shower pan that has some type of textured flooring for extra peace of mind.

Wheelchair Shower Stall Designed For The Elderly And Disabled

Lastly, wheelchair shower units might be a huge stress reducer for bathers with limited to no use of their legs. Walking into a shower isn’t an option for all bathers. Some people need or want a low threshold shower pan that’s designed for wheelchair accessibility. What’s more, all of our showers can be equipped with a wheelchair ramp to make entering the shower a smoother transition.

ADA Accessible Shower

ADA Accessible Shower systems are required in some instances, but some people just want an ADA compliant shower in their own home. We carry a wide variety of ADA compliant showers and non-compliant showers. In addition to the ADA standards, you get an industry leading 30 year manufacturer warranty for total peace of mind.

Handicap Shower Insert

Equally important, our handicap shower insert models are manufactured for a fast installation. With all of the walls being reinforced and the pan ready to go from the factory, one day installations are realistic in many situations. Additionally, there’s absolutely no need to stud mount the grab bars or seat. This can make installing accessory items even easier and potentially lower installation costs. Learn more about ADA access compliance.

Our Handicap Shower Experts Will Help Determine The Best Option

There’s a lot of handicap showers to choose from, not to mention numerous different features and options. Our compassionate representatives will help you figure out the best sizes, styles and features that work for you and your budget. You can count on Aging Safely’s low everyday prices on top of the best handicap accessible shower systems and walk in tub brands.

Our customer service representatives will always try to put your needs first. It’s our goal to have an exceptionally happy customer every single time. We’ll never treat you like a number and will always strive to help in every way possible with your new wheelchair accessible shower or handicap bathtub. Click here to learn about shower tub combinations.

In addition, the Handicap Shower Models Carried: 5LDS6030B75B,5LDS6030E75B, 5LDS6030FB75B, 5LDS6030FE75B, 5LDS6030B15B, 5LDS6030B17T, 5LDS6030FB17T, 5LRS6030B75B, 5LRS6030FB75B, 5LRS6030E75B, 5LRS6030FBE75B, 5LRS6030E15B, 5LRS6030FB15B, 5LRS6030B17T, 5LRS6030FB17T, 4LESC6036B75, 5LES6036B75B, 5LES6036FB75B, 5LESC6036E1B, 5LES6042B1B, 5LES6048FB1B, 5LES6048B15B, 3LRS6048B22B, 5LES7248B1B, 5LRS6033B17T, 5LRS6033FB17T, 5LDS6033B17T, 5LDS6033FB17T, 5LRS6032B15B, 5LRS6032FBE75B, 4LDS4834B75B, 4LRS4834B5B, 4LRS4834B15T, 4LRS4834B5T, 4LRS4834B15B, 4LDS4848B1B, 4LDS4848B22B, 3LRS4848B22B, 4LRS4848B1B, 4LRS4848B2B, 4LRS6060B1B, 4LES5430B17T, 5LDS5430B17T, 5LDS5436B15B, 5LDS5436B75B, 5LRS6032FB75B, 5LRS6032B75B, 5LRS6032E75B

40×38 Showers 4″x4″ Tile Pattern
4LRS4038A15TL, 4LRS4038A15TR, 4LRS4038A5TL, 4LRS4038A5TR
Smooth Walls
4LSS4038A12TL, 4LSS4038A12TR, 4LSS4038A15TL, 4LSS4038A15TR, 4LSS4038A1BL, 4LSS4038A1BR, 4LSS4038A1TL, 4LSS4038A1TR, 4LSS4038A2BL, 4LSS4038A2BR, 4LSS4038A2TL, 4LSS4038A2TR, 4LSS4038A5BL, 4LSS4038A5BR, 4LSS4038A5TL, 4LSS4038A5TR

63×31 Showers Smooth Walls
4LSS26331A75T, 4LSS6331A2B, 4LSS6331A75B, 4LSS6331A75T, 4LSS6331E12BL, 4LSS6331E12BR, 4LSS6331E1BL

8″x8″ Tile Pattern
5LES26331A75B, 5LES26331A87B, 5LES26331E1BL, 5LES26331E1BR, 5LES6331A15B, 5LES6331A15T, 5LES6331A1B, 5LES6331A75B, 5LES6331A75T, 5LES6331E17BL, 5LES6331E17BR, 5LES6331E1BL, 5LES6331E1BR, 5LES6331E22BL, 5LES6331E22BR, 5LES6331E22TL, 5LES6331E22TR

63×33 Showers 8″x8″ Tile Pattern
5LES26333A1FTB, 5LES26333A1FTT, 5LES26333A75B, 5LES6333A15B, 5LES6333A15T, 5LES6333A1B, 5LES6333A2B
5LES6333A75B, 5LES6333A75T

63×37 Showers Smooth Walls
4LSS26337A1B, 4LSS26337A1FTB, 4LSS26337A1FTT, 4LSS26337A75B, 4LSS6337A12B, 4LSS6337A12T, 4LSS6337A15T
4LSS6337A1B, 4LSS6337A1T, 4LSS6337A2B, 4LSS6337A2T, 4LSS6337A75B, 4LSS6337A75T

8″x8″ Tile Pattern
5LES26337A1FTB, 5LES26337A1FTT, 5LES26337A22B, 5LES26337A22T, 5LES26337A2FTT, 5LES26337A75B, 5LES26337E11BL, 5LES26337E11BR, 5LES6337A12B, 5LES6337A15B, 5LES6337A15T, 5LES6337A17B, 5LES6337A1B
5LES6337A22B, 5LES6337A75B, 5LES6337A75T

Additional information



  • Product: Multi Piece
  • Finish: Diamond Tile
  • Curb Height: 5/8″
  • Threshold Type: Beveled
  • W x D x H (Outside Dimensions): 48″x34″x80 1/8″

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