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You can have this walk in spa in your home! Anytime you desire, you could submerge yourself into a hydrotherapy massage bath. Imagine all of those bubbles and jets massaging your body. Some people maybe call it bliss! We just think it makes sense and feels really good. Taking precautions and thinking ahead is probably something all of us could do more. We want you to enjoy life and think having an Ella’s Bubbles Royal Massage walk in tub is within your reach. Combine safety with utter enjoyment!

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Modern Walk In Bathtubs With Several Safety Features You Want

The Royal Massage walk in bathtub is the perfect balance between functional and stunning! Many seniors don’t want an accessible bathtub that looks institutional. With the tempered glass and stainless steel door, matching your unique décor has never been easier. Ultimately this purchase is probably about your safety more than anything. This senior bathtub comes standard with a built in safety grab bar, a fixed 15” acrylic seat, low step in height and easy to set temperature control. On top of the safety features, 24 hydro massage jets can be incredibly rejuvenating! Add in a multiple color chromatherapy mood light system and taking a bath takes on a whole new meaning.

Why Should You Choose An Acrylic Walk In Bathtub?

Why would you want an acrylic walk in bathtub? Acrylic is very durable and scratch resistant. It can be scratched, but it can hold its luster longer than some of the other materials commonly used. It’s not very porous which can give it a little shinier sheen. We carry several acrylic walk in baths that come with excellent comprehensive warranties you will appreciate. It’s important to never use any type of abrasive cleaner on your acrylic step in tub, as this can scratch the surface and cause it to become dull. Acrylic walk in bath tubs can retain their beauty for many years and require relatively little maintenance. Contact an Aging Safely Senior Bath Representative today to find out if an acrylic coated walk in tub is right for you.




31.75″W x 52.25″L (59″ with extension) x 38″H

Jetting Options:
Dual Massage (Shown on this page)

Faucet Upgrades:
HB9937P – 5 Piece Fast Fill Roman Faucet Set
E8209C – 5 Piece Traditional Roman Faucet Set

Royal Massage Walk In Bathtub Specifications

Royal Soaking Walk In Bathtub Specifications

Royal MicroBubble Walk In Bathtub Specifications

Choosing Correct Side of Walk In Bathtub Door/Drain

Ella Walk In Bathtub Owner’s Manual – Dual Massage

Ella Walk In Bathtub Owner’s Manual – Soaking

Ella Walk In Bathtub Warranty