Hydro Dimensions Walk In Bath Tub

Hydro Dimensions Walk In Bath Tub 30” x 55”

This made for seniors, premium quality, Hydro Dimensions walk in bath tub comes with 25 hydrotherapy jets! 20 air jets and 5 whirlpool hydro massage jets. The ultra-low step in can make entering the bathtub more manageable for the elderly or disabled. More and more senior citizens are looking into aging in place products to update their homes. Installing an elderly bath tub can help make the bathroom more accessible again.


Sizing Your Step In Shower Tub

Two of the most important things to think about when sizing a step in shower tub or handicapped shower. First, can the appliance fit into the bathroom? Can you get it through the doorway or does it need to go through a wall? Does it fit well into the bathroom area? Is there ample room in front of the step in tub to get in, and allow for the door to swing open? Secondly, how does your body fit into the step in shower bathtub? Walk in tubs aren’t one size fits all. It is important to make sure your body fits comfortably inside the unit. This is done simply by measuring the bathers’ dimensions and comparing it to the internal dimensions of the handicap bath model. You don’t want to be squeezed in, but you also don’t want too much space if safety is a top priority for you.

Bathtubs For Handicapped

All of our walk in baths, handicap showers and transfer bathtubs are designed with safety in mind. Our line of premium bathtubs for handicapped come with several safety features you will be glad to know are there. The low step in feature alone is one of the best features for bathers that have mobility issues. Getting over a tall bathtub isn’t fun when you get up in the years, as you may know. Being able to walk right into the bathtub can make taking a bath easier for many people. However, walk in tub units aren’t the best option for everyone. People that don’t have use of their extremities or have a hard time walking at all, should consider a wheelchair accessible bathtub. They have a cut away in the door that makes it possible for the bather to sit right down into the seat prior to the door closing. No matter what you need, Aging Safely is here to help you find the right walk in product for you.

Additional information




  • 5 Piece Polished Chrome Faucet with Hand Held Shower
  • Cable Operated Polished Chrome Waste & Overflow
  • Built in Safety Grab Bar
  • Removable Front Access Panels
  • Sure-LOCK™ Tub Door Latch System
  • Extension/Filler Panel for 60″ Wall to Wall Installation

Technical Specification

  • Dimensions; Length 54¼” x Width 29½” x Height 38″
  • 75 Gal. Capacity
  • Colors; White & Biscuit
  • Left or Right Hand Door
  • Secondary Door Drain
  • High Gloss Gel Coat Finish
  • Hand Applied Fiberglass Cloth Shell
  • Sturdy One Piece Construction
  • Stainless Steel Frame Supported by 6 Leveling Legs
  • Tub Weight 168 Lbs. Note: weight includes Faucet & Drain Assembly

HD3055 Series Schematics