Walk In Jetted Tub

Discover Walk In Jetted Tub Models With Numerous Accessory Options

You want to find a walk in jetted tub that is affordable, yet has all of the options you want and deserve. We pride ourselves on giving you all the features you want at a price you can afford. Some may be wondering where the best place to buy a walk in bath is. Aging Safely offers one of the largest selections of jetted walk in tubs anywhere. We want you to find the right walk in tub for you and your budget, without sacrificing quality standards.


Air hydrotherapy Jets Versus Whirlpool Style Water Jets

Which type of jetting system if right for you? Or do you want to have both styles of jetting? We can do anything in between. Some bathers prefer a really powerful jetting package that combines the aggressive whirlpool jets with the more gentle air hydrotherapy jets. Both jetting systems can be ran together or independently. Other times the whirlpool jets may be too strong and the bather may prefer to do the air hydrotherapy. No water comes out of air hydrotherapy jets, it is simply tiny air bubbles that massage the body. Air massage is not only considered to be a little more gentle, but may also be more hygienic due to the fact that no bathwater goes under the tubs in the lines. Have you had your hydrotherapy foot massage today?

Walk In Tubs, Handicap Showers And Transfer Bathtubs

How to decide which one is right for you? It may seem overwhelming for some, having so many things to consider. But overall, it may be easier than you think. You will want to consider personal preferences. Do you want to soak in water, or simply use a shower to clean yourself? How big is your bathroom area? Can you fit one of the larger walk in bath models, or does it require a smaller more compact step in bath? These are important questions that we can help you answer. We want you to choose the walk in jetted tub that is right for you and your life.

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Basic Soaker Standard Features:

  • Color: white
  • Constructed of High Glass Fiberglass with Triple Gel Coat Finish
  • Inward Door Swing
  • Available in a Left or Right Door Side
  • Max Capacity : 75 Gallons
  • Dimensions: 36(W) x 60(L) x 38(H)
  • Free-standing Stainless Steel support frame with adjustable leveling feet
  • Faucet Deck
  • Advanced watertight, walk-in tub door system
  • Built-in contoured (17in. chair-height) ADA compliant seat for easy up and down
  • Slip-resistant tub floor
  • Color-matched built-in safety grab bar
  • Magnetic Access Panels to allow internal entry to unit once installed

3660 Series Owner’s Manual

3660 Series Installation Manual

3660 Series Schematics