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Best Bath step in bathtub products are hands down, as good as it gets. They come with quality assurance by third party organizations to make certain it has met or exceeded all quality standards. Made with care in Boise Idaho, Best Bath Systems offers a walk in tub that has all the features anyone would want. Powerful hydro air massaging and whirlpool massaging jets to turn your bathroom into a hydrotherapy spa! Who wouldn’t want to be able to take a hydrotherapy bath anytime they want? We think everyone would! Step in baths with hydrotherapy are more affordable than you may realize. It can be installed easily into most bathrooms without requiring major remodeling. Normally the walk in bath tub can go right through the doorway. Sometimes it does require moving a toilet or light remodeling, but overall it’s relatively minimal in most cases. These unique low step walk in bathtubs make getting in and out of a bath more manageable for some people. Often times a safety grab bar will be installed near the door to be another option for balancing as you enter the tub. Walk in style step bathtubs do require the bather to be able to use their legs. Someone who is paraplegic or has a hard time using legs all together, may find a regular step in tub troublesome. In such cases, we would recommend looking at a wheelchair accessible bathtub.

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Step In Bathtubs With Hydrotherapy Massaging Jets

For those that can use their legs and keep their own balance, a hydrotherapy walk in bath can be a great option. You can customize it based on your unique needs and wants. Not only are there several sizes and styles available, but you can choose to get one with warm air hydrotherapy massage, whirlpool jetting, heated seats, chromotherapy mood lighting and even aromatherapy. Transform a bathroom into a sanctuary of relaxation and rejuvenation. You deserve it!

Low Step Walk In Bathtubs With Lifetime Door Seal Warranties

A bathtub that has a door, is only as good as its door seal. All of our top quality walk in baths come standard with a limited lifetime warranty on the door seal. Our low step walk in bathtub units are designed to ensure the door seal does not leak. You can have confidence in knowing a leaky walk in tub isn’t something you’ll likely have to deal with.

Several of our senior bathtubs come with ozone sterilization and UV lights as well. This can help minimize bacteria growth and partially help keep the massage jet lines clean. The maintenance required is very simple and doesn’t typically required any disassembling. You will want to see installation instructions for exact model recommendations for cleaning and maintenance.


Product: Single Piece
Finish: Smooth
W x D x H (Outside Dimensions): 50″x30″x37″