DIY Handicap Shower Stalls For Home Or Commercial

You only want to do this project once and then forget about it. Aging Safely only provides the best quality handicap shower stalls on the market today. We want you to have full confidence in your investment. All of our products carry comprehensive manufacturer warranties against any manufacturer defects. Our walk in shower stalls come with everything you would want. Not only are the shower surround walls reinforced with plywood, but the shower pans don’t require being wet set. It’s all ready to go for you. This can make installation much easier and quicker, potentially even cutting down on expenses.

Handicapped Walk In Shower Stalls Made in the U.S.A.

Enjoy made in America quality with our premium line of handicapped walk in shower stall products for the disabled and the elderly. With incredibly low thresholds and wheelchair ramps, getting into the shower can become more realistic for many. The quality handicap shower systems come with a fold down seat that can be transferred on to by the bather. The showers can also be equipped with a TMV (thermal mixing valve), which basically regulates the water temperature to a desired level. For bathers that require caretakers to assist during bathing, these types of features can really come in handy when trying maneuver a mobility impaired individual into a shower or tub.

Make Handicap Showers Part Of Your Fall Prevention Plan

Aging in place takes on a whole new meaning as we continually and gracefully go up in the years. Whether genetics or environment; not all of us age the same. Inevitably all elderly people begin to lose the perceived invincibility of youth. We have to be more aware of our surroundings and making sure to try our best not have a fall. Having a handicap style shower at home is something that should be on your fall prevention plan. Regular bathtubs can present additional risk. Tall side walls to the tub can be difficult to get over for some seniors. There are several resources to take advantage of to try and minimize falls from occurring. Sometimes it’s as simple as making sure there are no loose rugs around the home. Installing ADA safety grab bars around the house isn’t a bad idea either.