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Shower Seat Cushion

Shower Seat Cushion And Walk in Bathtub Cushions

Finding the right shower seat cushion or walk in tub bath cushion may be challenging unless you get something made to order or from the original OEM. That’s why Aging Safely offers shower cushions sized exactly how you want it. Simply download the radius chart and let us know the height, width, depth and radius of the corners you need. It’s as simple as that. Works great as a shower chair cushion or shower bench cushion.

Shower Chair Cushions Made to The Size You Need

shower chair cushion imageOur standard Bath Seat Risers are 2″, 4″ 6″ or 8″ tall. They compress down about 1/2 inch after you sit on it. They come in custom width and depth dimensions. You can get square or rectangular, or curved back. Custom order accepted and bulk order discounts available. Click here for a free consultation.

Click on the downloads button just below to download the radius chart if you need curvature to your shower cushion or walk in tub cushion.