Shower Seat Cushion

Shower Seat Cushion And Walk in Bathtub Cushions

Finding the right shower seat cushion or walk in tub bath cushion may be challenging unless you get something made to order or from the original OEM. That’s why Aging Safely offers shower cushions sized exactly how you want it. Simply download the radius chart and let us know the height, width, depth and radius of the corners you need. It’s as simple as that. Works great as a shower chair cushion or shower bench cushion.

Shower Chair Cushions Made to The Size You Need

shower chair cushion imageOur standard Bath Seat Risers are 2″, 4″ 6″ or 8″ tall. They compress down about 1/2 inch after you sit on it. They come in custom width and depth dimensions. You can get square or rectangular, or curved back. Custom order accepted and bulk order discounts available. Click here for a free consultation.

Click on the downloads button just below to download the radius chart if you need curvature to your shower cushion or walk in tub cushion.


Shower Seat Cushion Custom Made For Your Shower Seat

Our shower seat cushion can be custom made to fit your shower seat. They can come with or without a radius. Some shower seats just require a square or rectangular shaped cushion. These shower seat cushions not only make the seat more comfortable, but can also add height making it easier to stand up. They can come with suction cups or without depending on your preference. They also work great as a walk in tub seat cushion.  Walk in tub and shower seats may be too hard for some people. We can take the internal measurements of any walk in tub seat or shower seat and custom make it for you.

Shower Cushions Make Your Shower More Comfortable

What good is taking a shower if you’re not comfortable? Our premium quality cushions can make the hard, cold seat a little softer and warmer feeling. They are made of a mesh material designed to be in water. Once you are done using it, simply turn it on it’s side and let the water drain out.

Shower Bench Cushions Can Add Height to Your Shower Seat

Sometimes being able to sit a higher up on the seat is desired. That’s why we offer a shower seat cushion and walk in bath tub seat riser cushions up to 8″ tall for standard orders. Being a little higher off the seat can make a big difference for some bathers. You can get 2″, 4″, 6″ and 8″ tall. We just need the depth and width you need. Learn about HHS resources here.

All orders can be placed by phone. Call toll free 1-888-779-2284(BATH)
Get the best shower cushion made how you want it!