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Transfer Bath Products

A transfer bath is a great option for people who want or need to transfer into the tub versus walk in. A transfer bathtub basically has a cut out for the door, outlining the seat. This makes is possible for bathers to transfer into the tub on a transfer board or from a bath stool type product. Ultimately the bather could just sit into the seat and pivot legs in.

We even offer wheelchair accessible transfer bathtubs that can work with a hydraulic lift. Our disability bathtubs are designed with functionality and safety in mind. Our senior bath representatives can answer any of your questions and provide pricing quotes on your specific projects.


Selecting The Right Transfer Bath Tub For You

We offer several different options for wheelchair accessible transfer baths. Depending upon your exact needs, we have larger units and smaller. All of our transfer bathtubs are designed to help achieve an easier and more seamless entry and exiting of the tub. For those that have severe mobility challenges these disability tubs can be a huge benefit.

Transfer Bathtubs With Whirlpool Water Jets And Warm Air Hydrotherapy

In many cases people with limited mobility don’t move as much as they use to. We believe it’s a good idea for most people to experience the invigorating effects of a hydrotherapy session. Some studies may even indicate that hydro massage can help with circulation. It is incredibly important however to check with your doctor and make sure hydrotherapy jets are right for you. Hydrotherapy transfer tubs may be the right solution you’ve been looking for. The massaging jets feel great and there’s no chemicals involved. Click here to contact a Senior Bath Representative today and find out if a handicapped transfer bath tub is right for you.

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