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Large Wheelchair Accessible Bathtub Models For The Handicapped

People with disabilities want to enjoy a bath safely like anyone else. However getting in and out of a traditional tub can be difficult for many that are handicapped. Finding the right wheelchair accessible bathtub for your unique needs is important. This 30” x 60” transfer tub is perfect for bathers that require assistance when taking a bath. The WCA3060 has everything you could want for a handicapped transfer bathtub. It is specifically designed for people that are in a wheelchair and may have limited to no use of their extremities. This specialty product also has removable panels in front so hydraulic lift forks can go underneath when being utilized.


Transfer Tub Models That Anyone Can Use

Our wheelchair access transfer tub models can be a good solution for people that aren’t in a wheelchair as well. For bathers simply looking for a larger tub with more area to soak, this model might be a great fit. The nice thing about transfer tubs is that the bather does not have to step up into it like they would with a traditional walk in tub. They can simply open the door and sit right down on the built in seat. Then rotate the feet and legs to be inside the tub while closing the door. Transfer baths can be a great solution for caretakers as well. Ultimately making it easier to bathe their patients without the need to walk them in it.

Meditub WCA3060 Wheelchair Accessible Bathtub

This top of the line wheelchair access tub is made right here in the United States. You can expect the highest quality craftsmanship that is backed by industry leading warranties. Shipped out of Miami Florida, the WCA3060 is perfect for residential homes or even commercial applications like nursing homes or assisted living. It is one of the more spacious models on the market today, providing bathers with ample soaking room to enjoy a bath the way you want.

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Basic Soaker Standard Features:

  • Available Colors: White
  • Constructed of High Glass Fiberglass with Triple Gel Coat Finish.
  • Outward Door Swing
  • Available in a Right Door Side
  • Max Capacity : 65 Gallons
  • Dimensions: 30(W)x 60(L)x42(H)
  • Free-standing Stainless Steel support frame with adjustable leveling feet.
  • Faucet Deck
  • Advanced watertight, walk-in tub door system.
  • Built-in contoured 21in. (chair-height) seat for easy up and down
  • Slip-resistant tub floor.
  • Color-matched built-in safety grab bar.
  • Magnetic Access Panels to allow internal entry to unit once installed.

3060WCA Owner’s Manual

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