Wheelchair Bathtubs

Disability Wheelchair Bathtubs With Hydrotherapy

We offer several top of the line wheelchair bathtubs for the handicapped and disabled. Our specially designed handicap bathtubs can come with warm air hydrotherapy and whirlpool jetting. They can be operated simultaneously and independently for ultimate comfort. Bathers that don’t have use of their extremities may find benefits of the massaging action from the jetting system. It is however very important all bathers check with their doctor to ensure hydrotherapy is right for them prior to buying a handicap bathtub unit. Bathers with disabilities will appreciate how easy it is to get into a transfer bathtub. Once the door is open, they literally just have to sit down and swivel their legs and feet inside the tub. Paraplegics and those with no, to little mobility that require assistance when bathing can be hoisted into the bathtub by a hydraulic lift. Our 30” x 60” transfer bath also has a removable panel below for hydraulic lift forks. Care takers and in home nurses will also appreciate the ease of use when transferring their patients into the handicap tub.



Wheelchair Accessible Bathtubs With Temperature Control

Often time’s people purchase these types of bathtubs either planning for the future, or trying to address a current need. When a bather has lost fine motor skills and lacks the mental capability to live independently, having a TMV or thermal mixing valve can really come in handy. These temperature control devices make it easy to set the bathtubs temperature, eliminating the need to set it every time. It can be a nice safety feature that can help minimize the risk of a dangerous burn from occurring. Being scalded by hot water is a real concern for bathers of all ages. It can especially hold true for the elderly and disabled. While nothing is perfectly safe, it may offer additional peace of mind when bathing yourself and those you love.

How Big Does The Bathroom Need To Be To Accommodate A Transfer Bathtub?

While we have several options for wheelchair accessible transfer baths, some do require more space than others. The 2953 listed on this page is one of the most compact transfer bathtubs on the market. This elderly bathtub can fit into many common sized bathrooms, but still may be too large for others. It is important to thoroughly measure the wet area of the bathroom to ensure proper sizing. Given these tubs have outward swinging doors, it is best to have as much space as possible in front of the tub. We can help you size the right handicap tub for you. Simply contact an Aging Safely Senior Bath Representative today.

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Basic Soaker Features:

  • Available Colors: White
  • Constructed of High Gloss Fiberglass with Triple Gel Coat Finish
  • Wide Outward Door Swing
  • Available in a Left or Right Door Side
  • Max Capacity : 75 Gallons
  • Dimensions: 29(W) x 52(L) x 42(H)
  • Stainless steel support frame with adjustable leveling feet
  • Faucet Deck
  • Advanced watertight,walk-in tub door system
  • Built-in contoured (21in. chair-height) ADA compliant seat for easy up and down
  • Slip-resistant tub floor
  • Color-matched built-in safety grab bar.
  • Magnetic Access Panels to allow internal entry to unit once installed
  • Wide opening wheelchair accessible door

2953WCA Owner’s Manual

2953WCA Installation Manual

2953WCA Series Schematics