26″ x 53″ Bathtub with Door for Seniors

26″ x 53″ Bathtub With Door For Seniors

This 26″ x 53″ walk in tub is smaller and compact, yet is spacious inside and can hold up to 45 gallons of water. This bathtub can fit into most bathrooms and may even be able to get through the door without major modifications. Find a bathtub with door for seniors. Our walk in bathtubs are specifically designed for the elderly and people with disabilities. Getting into the tub can be challenging as we age or for those with mobility challenges. We want to make your bathing experience as easy as possible. Not only do we encourage creating a fall prevention plan, but we sell numerous bathroom safety products for you to choose from. Whether you want a full handicap bathroom area, or just to increase the safety features, we have numerous aging in place products for the bathroom. Several of our models are very modern looking and can be customized according to your exact needs. We even have designer grab bars to help add style to any type of bathroom.


Low Step In Bathtubs With Outward And Inward Swinging Doors

Aging Safely has several options for bathtubs with outward or inward swinging doors. Both models come standard with a lifetime door seal warranty, so you can be assured the seal is of the highest quality standards. You will want to consider the bathers mobility restrictions and capabilities before picking out a walk in tub. Some bathers may not be able to step in as high or independently. When that is the case, it is probably best to consider a walk in bath with an ultra-low step in, or a transfer bath. Our transfer bathtubs don’t require the bather to step in, but can transfer in via a transfer seat within the tub.

Why Would You Want A Bathtub With A Door?

There are many reasons someone would want to buy a bathtub with a door. Convenience and safety are probably two of the biggest factors. The high side wall of many traditional bathtubs can be troublesome for some elderly people and handicap bathers. As we age, the more we can appreciate many of the technological advances that have been made. Having a bathtub with a seat and a door can be a convenience that many appreciate. Especially those that have a genuine fear of falling in the bathtub. While no bathing product is perfectly safe, some of them may be more dangerous and difficult to maneuver.

Additional information




  • 5 Piece Polished Chrome Faucet with Hand Held Shower
  • Cable Operated Polished Chrome Waste & Overflow
  • Built in Safety Grab Bar
  • Removable Front Access Panels
  • Sure-LOCK™ Tub Door Latch System
  • Extension/Filler Panel for 60″ Wall to Wall Installation

Optional System Features:

  • Air Massage System; Variable-Speed Heated Air Blower, 20 Individual Air Jets, Polished Chrome Outer Ring with White or Biscuit Center Cap
  • Hydro Massage System; Single-Speed Syllent™ Heat Exchange Pump, 5 Polished Chrome Adjustable Jets with Directional Eyeball
  • Dual Massage Systems; Combined Both Air and Hydro Massage together
  • ON/OFF Controls are Electronic or Pneumatic
  • Custom Systems and options are available

Technical Specification

  • Dimensions; Length 53″ x Width 26″ x Height 36″
  • 45 Gal. Capacity
  • Colors; White & Biscuit
  • Left or Right Hand Door
  • Secondary Door Drain
  • High Gloss Gel Coat Finish
  • Hand Applied Fiberglass Cloth Shell
  • Sturdy One Piece Construction
  • Stainless Steel Frame Supported by 6 Leveling Legs
  • Tub Weight 150 Lbs. Note: weight includes Faucet & Drain Assembly

HD2653 Series Schematics