What Is The Difference Between A Whirlpool Tub And An Air Bath?

The main difference you will find between air jets and whirlpool water jets, is that the air jets only distribute pressurized air throughout the bathtub. Whereas the whirlpool jets are similar to the jets on a hot tub, in which the jet ports redistribute the bath water through the jets. No water goes through a air hydrotherapy jet. It is thousands of tiny champagne size air bubbles that massage the body. Some bathers that bruise easily may want to consider going with air hydrotherapy. It can be a little gentler. Whirlpool jets are more aggressive and may possibly bruise an elderly bather. The most important variable here is safety. It is essential to choose a handicap bath product that works best for you. Its always a good idea to install safety grab bars throughout the bathroom and entire home.

Walk In Bathtubs With Whirlpool Jets And Air Bath Hydrotherapy

At Aging Safely, all of our senior low step in bathtubs can come with air jets, water jets or both. Depending upon your preference, some of our bathtubs come with over 30 jet ports. Imagine being able to wake up in the morning, or come home at night and be able to get into your own personal hydrotherapy spa. People that don’t have very good mobility may really enjoy the invigorating effects of hydrotherapy massage walk in tubs.

Is Air Jet Hydrotherapy More Hygienic Than Whirlpool Water Jet Hydrotherapy?

Since air hydrotherapy jetting systems don’t recycle the bathwater, it can help keep the lines below the walk in bath cleaner. However you can choose UV lights and an Ozonator to help minimize any bacterial growth that may grow in either type of jet lines. Both systems with maintenance should be able to remain free from bacterial growth. There are many variables involved, so it is important to always reference the users manual to ensure proper maintenance.

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