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Why Handicap Showers & Walk in Bathtubs Make Sense For The Elderly & Disabled

As we age, everyday tasks become harder and harder. For the elderly or disabled, taking a simple bath can present a major challenge. If you are looking into aging in place ideas for the bathroom, a handicap shower or walk in bathtub should be at the top of your list. Being able to get in and out of the bathtub or shower safely is important to feel independent and secure. Bathers that have severe mobility restrictions will appreciate the low threshold and wheelchair ramps. The wheelchair accessible roll in showers come with a wheelchair ramp making entry possible for bathers in wheelchairs. You can even customize the color, so the handicap shower ideas can be almost endless.

Fall Prevention – Make Entering the Wheelchair Accessible Shower or Walk in Tub as Safe as Possible

First and foremost, you want to make getting in and out easy. Start by installing ADA compliant safety grab bars to the walls where you enter. Make sure to position in a way that’s best for you to get in and out safely. Clear a pathway and make the step in tub or handicapped shower easily accessible. Make sure the seat height is conducive to sitting down and standing back up comfortably. A bathtub seat cushion can help raise the seat height. Furthermore, make sure your aging in place bathroom appliance has a threshold height that works for the bather today and in the foreseeable future. A walk in tub requires a bather to be able to step up into the bathtub. So, the bather needs to have use of their legs enough to step up 3”- 7” into the walk in tub. Otherwise a handicap transfer bathtub, or handicap shower may be a better option. Disability transfer bathtubs have the door cut out making it possible to sit down before entry. These unique disability bathtubs have outward swinging doors but do require more space in the bathroom.

Maintaining Independence

As we grow older, we all want to keep our independence as much as possible. Being able to take a bath without fear of falling, or assistance is a true blessing we often overlook. Walk in showers with built in seats can give bathers a sense of independence and security. Walk in tubs are a great idea for those doing aging in place remodeling or planning. It really boils down to your preferences, mobility restrictions and budget. But even the most basic units can help make it easier for some to take a shower or bath. A wheelchair accessible shower can come in several styles and designs. You can customize yours exactly how you want it. Click here to view ADA compliant showers.

Peace of Mind

While here is no perfectly safe bathtub or shower, some bathing appliances make more sense for senior citizens or those with disabilities. Having a low threshold shower or step in tub can help the bather potentially have more confidence and security when bathing. Simply having a safety grab bar can make a big difference. Aging Safely Baths only sells premium handicap access showers and bathtubs that are designed with safety in mind. Give yourself or loved one’s extra piece of mind today with a new roll in shower or handicap tub. Get a price quote.

 Bathing Feels Good

Taking a hydrotherapy bath or washing off with a warm shower can feel great. Not only is it essential for hygiene, but it can be looked forward to. Close your eyes and imagine 30 hydrotherapy jets massaging your body. Wake up in the morning to a hydrotherapy bath or unwind at the end of your day. Life is short, spoil yourself a little. Call toll free 1-888-779-BATH(2284) for a free no obligation consultation.

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