Walk In Tubs

Taking a bath or a shower just became a lot safer and more convenient with the quality walk in tubs. Built to the highest standards of quality and excellence using only the finest materials available, these walk in bathtubs and handicap bathtubs are ideally suited for people with reduced mobility, or even for anyone who is simply looking for a safer and more convenient bathing experience.

Walk in bath tubs have been built for maximum safety and ease of use. Each model features a number of state-of-the-art safety features that do away with the risks commonly associated with bathroom use, especially for the elderly, the injured, the sick, and the differently abled. For those who are injured, disabled, or dealing with the effects of advanced age or illness, even the simple act of taking a bath or a shower can pose some significant risks. Spills and slips can cause serious injuries, and they can often make an existing condition even worse. With a quality walk in bath tub, these risks are largely eliminated, enabling those with limited mobility and/or a disabling physical condition to enjoy a safer and risk-free bath.

Some of the more useful safety features built-in to every walk in bathtub are textured slip-resistant floors, two grab bars for added safety and enhanced functionality, and the company’s own Dual Drain Technology. This innovative feature comes standard with every walk in tub, and it greatly adds to the safety of each model. Standing water is always a problem with bathtubs and bathroom designs, particularly for those with limited mobility or impaired physical function. With the Dual Drain Technology however, tubs can be drained completely in only 80 seconds. This means that there is virtually no risk of standing water that can cause accidents and serious physical injury.

Walk in tubs come with other safety features as well. All models also feature two overflows, two drain openers, and two generously-sized 2” drains. These are some of the widest drains on any walk in bathtubs or handicap bathtubs available on the market today, and they are one of the main reasons why walk in tubs are favored for their safety and convenience.

Quality walk in bath tubs should be able to withstand years of regular use day in and day out for years and years. Walk in bath tubs are more than up to the task, with each model built for the highest standards of performance, reliability, and quality. These are some of the finest bathtubs you can find anywhere, and a close inspection of each model will reveal quality build and flawless construction. The Ella line of walk in tubs has been introduced with the goal of providing a range of safe and reliable solutions for those in need, and the quality build and construction apparent in each model ensures their total safety and reliability.

Here's a quick look at some of the more features of walk in bathtubs:

  • High-grade gloss-finish white cast acrylic
  • Impermeable and easy to clean
  • Fiberglass reinforced exterior with gel-coat
  • Stainless steel support
  • Leveling legs for added durability
  • Easy drain design
  • 2-wall install option

Each walk in bath tub also features a toe kick access panel that makes it easy to lower the threshold, allowing more convenient access to the tub. The Deluxe model even features an innovative 22 air and hydro jet array, making it an excellent choice for hydrotherapy or for use as a handicap bathtub. Features such as in-line water heaters, precision temperature control, and an Ozone Sterilization System further enhance the functionality of these models.