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Two Person Bathtub

2 person walk in bathtubs
Choose from the Companion, Tub4two or Big4two! Taking a bath can be much more enjoyable when there’s two of you. This sleek and stylish looking two person bathtub has enough room for two people to bathe. Since it’s an unconventional walk in tub, it has a low step in height and inward swinging door to making entering the bathtub easier. Made from acrylic you will appreciate the way it holds it shine for years to come. The Ella’s Bubbles Companion, Tub4two and Big4two massage has two internal seats that face each other for ultimate comfort.



2 person walk in tub

The best fast drain in industry – no power required! Gravity driven 2″ dual drain technology with independently operated 2 openers, 2 overflows for fast and reliable drainage and exit out of the walk-in tub. This drain can be connected to 4 x two inch outlets vs. one 1 1/2″ standard bathtub drain.


2 person bathtubs

Walk in bathtubs are equipped with adjustable direction foot massage hydro jets. These jets are strategically positioned in the lowest possible area of the floor for bathers to enjoy the foot massage in a relaxed position. The hydro massage intensity is adjusted by dial control for to suit each bather’s preference.




Hydrotherapy Walk In Tubs Boasting 33 Air And Hydro Massage Jets

This specialty two person walk in bathtub comes with 33 air and water jets to massage both of you at the same time! Most hydrotherapy walk in tubs pale in comparison to all the features that come standard on this step in bathtub model. It also has several safety features and was designed with the elderly and disabled in mind. It comes with a low step in height, textured flooring, temperature control and an internal safety grab bar as well. This step in bath is where safety and luxury meet. Very few walk in tub manufacturer’s offer this wide of a variety for you to choose from. We carry multiple sizes, styles, designs and options to make your life easier.


Affordable Walk In Tubs

We understand you are looking to find affordable walk in tubs. If you have received a couple price quotes, you may see some of the brands can be outrageously expensive. We strive to be the perfect balance between low prices and high quality. We want you to do this project once, but don’t want you to pay too much money to do it. Several of our premium name brand walk in bath tubs are several thousand dollars less than some of the leading brands. We also have some of the nation’s lowest prices on wheelchair accessible roll in showers. No matter which type of senior bathing product you are looking for, Aging Safely strives for your total satisfaction for years to come.

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30.25″W x 59.75″L x 37″H

Jetting Options:
Dual Massage (Shown on this page)

Recommended Accessories:
Heated Seat and Backrest
Acrylic Wall Surround
Seat Pillow/Cushion

Companion Dual Massage Two Seat Walk In Bathtub Specifications

Companion Soaking Two Seat Walk In Bathtub Specifications

Choosing Correct Side of Walk In Bathtub Door/Drain

Ella Walk In Bathtub Owner’s Manual – Dual Massage

Ella Walk In Bathtub Owner’s Manual – Soaking

Ella Walk In Bathtub Warranty